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In the beginning
Early history of Methodists in Worcester.

Ombersley Road Methodist Church history
How Ombersley Road Methodist Church developed.

Bromyard Road Methodist Church history
How Bromyard Road Methodist Church developed.

Ombersley Road Methodist Church

The development of new areas of housing in the Droitwich and Ombersley Road neighbourhood in the second half of the 19th century gave the Worcester Methodist Circuit cause for concern. After a series of summer open air meetings in the area it became apparent that a new chapel was needed in the north of the city and the site in Ombersley Road was chosen and bought in the October of that year.

The following year the circuit launched a scheme to raise between £2,700 and £3,000 for the construction of new chapels in Bromyard Road and Ombersley Road and for the refurbishment of the old chapel in Pump Street. The foundation stone of the Ombersley Road Chapel was laid on 29th May, 1884 and the building was completed later that year.

The chapel was originally entered from the side, from the present vestry door, the pulpit and communion table were placed at the east end, with the harmonium on the north side. Originally the chapel building was planned as the first phase of a much larger complex; this grandiose scheme was never completed and, before the end of the century, the need for additional space resulted in a schoolroom extension being erected at the rear of the church. In 1931 space was increased by a wooden schoolroom, which was used by the newly formed Boys’ Brigade. This was replaced in the early 1950s with the present hall and rooms.

The chapel was refurbished in 1966, with new heating installed, a new entrance made at the east end of the building and pulpit, communion rail and lectern now placed at the west end. The furnishings and entrance screen were supplied from the late 19th century chapel in Pump Street, which was being completely rebuilt.

How Bromyard Road Methodist Church developed