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In the beginning
Early history of Methodists in Worcester.

Ombersley Road Methodist Church history
How Ombersley Road Methodist Church developed.

Bromyard Road Methodist Church history
How Bromyard Road Methodist Church developed.

Bromyard Road Methodist Church

In 1890 vestries and a lobby were built on to the Bromyard Road Church and seven years later the ‘Iron Room’ was set up to cater for the increasing needs of the large Sunday school.

In the 1920s the ‘Iron Room’ was extended, but more accommodation was still needed and, in 1932 the Sunshine Room was built and a new heating system incorporated.

Plans were being made for a complete new church building, but the second World War intervened and it was not until the 1950s that a scheme was put forward for modernising the church and building a new block, including the present hall and kitchen, on the site of the 'Iron Room'.

The new buildings were opened in 1961 and served the church well for more than 30 years. In 2000 the classrooms were extended and the kitchen modernised to conform with health and safety standards.

In 2004, the church was redecorated and re-carpeted and the pews replaced with chairs.

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